Uber follows sophisticated technique to ensure security

Uber has its business in many countries, and it offers many discounts and deals to the riders, but still the car hailing company faces challenges regarding the security.

Most of the issues regarding the security come from Uber China, because the passengers are not sure if the driver driving the car is the registered Uber driver.Because of a recent scam, where an Uber registered driver shared his vehicle with others to earn money, and continuous trips of the throughout the day will give extra profit.Hence the company follows a new technique to ensure that the riders have a safe ride with Uber.

Zhen Liu, the Chief Head of Uber China said that they introduced the facial recognition system as one of the verification procedures.He said that the algorithm used in the new system is a sophisticated one in which the driver’s photo is matches with the Uber’s official identification card.And this algorithm is similar to the password encryption security, but is easy to use.

For a new driver, the system takes the photo of the driver and it will register it in the system.The verification process for the new driver takes place at regular intervals to ensure that he is operating the same car.All the drivers operating under Uber are bound to the verification process.And from the customer’s end, they can verify whether the driver who is riding the cab is an authorized Uber driver by checking the photos uploaded in the Uber app.

The face recognition service of Uber is done by the new tech startup, Face++ of China.Uber chose the tech startup because of their efficiency and the fact that they worked with Lenovo and Alibaba, the leading firms in China.The face recognition service inspects 83 points on the driver’s face, to determine the gender, race and age along with the detailed features.

Old fashioned payment mode by Uber

Uber is the leading online multinational transportation company that has its business around the globe.It allows its user to book a ride make the payment online using their mobile phone.On the other hand,the passengers with cash cannot ride Uber.

In average income countries like Philippines, Malaysia and India, Uber allows the passengers to make their payment in cash, because not all the people have credit card or debit card.But in the case of Singapore, where on an average a person has one credit card and two debit card; Uber is trying an age old formula.

As an experimental process, Uber tries to introduce the cash system in Singapore, where the riders can now even pay cash for their ride because a report stated that thirty percent of the people in Singapore still use cash for their transactions.The spokesperson of Uber said that this new service would enable the senior citizens who are more flexible with cash than card payment and also the students who do not have credit or debit cards.He also said that this new technique would increase forty five percent of new customers to use the cab service.They added the cash payment mode in the Uber app, but it is not available to all the customers in the initial stage.

Warren Tseng, General Manager of Uber Singapore said in the Mashable interview that if the introduction of cash payment succeeds in Singapore, then they will also try to execute the same in other major cities like London and New York. By following the cash payment process, Uber is trying to attract even more riders on board.

Uber’s rival lack loyalty among the riders

Lyft and Uber are the ride rivals in the online car hailing industry; both the companies offer exciting and exclusive deals and discounts to attract the customers.They allow the passengers to use their mobile phones to request and make payment for the ride.The major similarity between both the companies is that, their drivers are independent contractors.

According to the survey, both the riding companies have problems with shares in the share market.But when compared to Uber, Lyft is a little bit lagging in the market.And from the passenger’s perspective, Uber seems to be the ride compared to its opponent.

Survey Monkey is an online analyzer that compares the popularity and usability of an app, its new service called the Intelligence Product tracks the app usage among the users who agreed to track their mobile behavior.A recent report from Survey Monkey on a four month analysis said that only a minimum number of users from the Uber ride in Lyft, which more than three fourth of the Lyft riders prefer Uber.

To attract more rides, Lyft has a partnership agreement with the General motor to develop on demand and autonomous rides, and the company is planning to expand its service in many cities.Lyft’s CEO Logan Green in an interview to the Wall Street Journal said that their drivers experience a peace while they are on duty, and thus it enables them to treat their customers or rides in a better way.He also said the riders choose the values of an entity when the basic service levels of the entities are equal.

Lyft signed deals with the leading car hailing entities Ola and Didi Kuaidi of India and China, to expand its business outside the United States.

Uber becomes the national transportation service

Uber is the leading American car hailing company that uses the mobile app to book the rides and make payment.They introduce new services that benefit both the drivers and the riders.Uber introduced the car pooling service called the uberPool,according to the service you can share the ride and split the amount with another rider who travels the same area.The passenger should select their destination in the Uber app, and the app will notify when it finds riders who travel the same area.

In general,the cost of riding Uber is lesser than the taxi,UberX service gains forty percent profit than the taxi and UberPool cost fifty percent profit.In general Uber gain forty eight dollars in a ride from San Francisco and the drivers keep thirty five dollars.And because the car pooling services the company was able to reduce the number of cars on the road and combine several single rides and the ride cost less than the regular Uber ride.And the drivers could earn more money than his basic earnings.

Uber’s stakes are high because of the car pooling service,and because of the low price, it will impact the mobility in the urban areas,local economy, the labors and the national transport system. Uber’s CEO, Travis said that the people would opt for Uber service because of the lower price,and that they would become the mainstay of transportation service.

Car pooling service eliminated twenty one million automobile miles within three months from the start of the service,and saved up to four hundred thousand gallons of fuel.

Downfall of the taxi and car rental service

Business travelers in the United States find it unsafe to ride in cars,and had difficulties to file the expenses reports for the rides.When the ride sharing companies like Lyft and Uber came into existence,the people who came to the United States for business purpose did not consider the ride safe.But after many years, the business travelers prefer car hailing service than the taxi rides in the United States.

The software company for the business expense management,Certify analyzed many reports on the expenses for the first quarter in 2016 and found that about forty percent of the expense was from car riding service and fourteen percent was from the taxi service were the overall transportation expense was forty six percent.

Some of the taxi drivers joined the Lyft and Uber because of the downfall of the taxi business.According to the analysis of Certify for the last two years shows that taxi lost about thirty seven percent of its shares from the business transportation expense and the rental car business drops up to fifty five percent.While eight percent of shares increased for the car hailing companies.

Chief Strategy officer for the Enterprise Holdings,which is the parent company of the Alamo rent-A car,Enterprise Rent A car and National car rental,Gregg Stubblefield denied the Certify analysis and said that their rental business gaining profit even when he declined to give profit to the companies that run private business.

The representatives of the car hailing company said that the business travelers opt for their service because they are cost effective and more suitable, and the mobile app features enable the business personals to choose their service.

Uber Launches in Birmingham

Uber , one of the most popular ride hailing company provides an opportunity for passengers to connect with drivers, has been launched its service in Birmingham.

The company now enables people in Birmingham to sign up the app to become Uber users as there is some change in the city’s transportation code. Austin claims that it need to get a business license in the city before the launch of Uber, where the annual cost of the license is thirty dollars. Launch in your city www.dectar.com/taxi-dispatch-software

Birmingham users are excited to use this low cost, highly effective, safe and convenient ride, for which they longed for. They can use the service for going office or for taking a ride with their friends to some favorite spots with a particular amount from the starting point to destination.

Uber provides the facility to hire a car and pay for it using their Smartphone app in both ions and Android. Riders need to sign up to start with the app and the app will locate them with GPS enabled maps and finally they can request for a ride by a single tap from their phones. It has recently launched its app in desktop computers enabling the users to book for a car from office.

Once if the rider request for the ride, he can able to see the driver’s details, car registration and ability to track the driver’s progress on the app.

This launch will land in success and Uber claims that more than 20,000 people opened the app before its launch in the city.

Uber and its rival Lyft to face wild ride in 2016

Uber, the American based ride hailing company is a hit in many countries across the globe. It is also known for its long list of controversies and some of them are even uncovered by media. The company has implemented user friendly features over the years in order to restore its lost fame due to its infamous controversies. Also, it has a lot of local rivals but Lyft has always been an exception. Lyft has given a good competition to Uber by implementing similar features for its users. However, the critics are not very happy with the ride sharing economy slowly taking down the economy rate. Both the ride sharing companies have been favorites to public news channels in the recent years. They are also about to face court trials and lawsuits on regulation, and 2016 is certainly going to be tough year for them.

Uber has implemented a feature called UberPool that lets a rider to share the ride with other users who are also travelling in the same route. The ride fares are a lot cheaper than the private ones and the feature has received a red carpet welcome from its users. The riders have to specify its pick up and drop spots through Smart Routes; it is as simple as that! Similarly, Lyft has implemented a feature called Lyft Line that follows the concept of UberPool, looks like a hell a lot of competition! Let us hope both the companies survive all the trials and make the best off 2016!

Things you do that irritate your Uber driver

Uber, the ride sharing company is a massive hit in many countries across the globe. It is known for its efficient service and a never ending list of controversies. Many riders make a lot of complaints regarding the service from Uber drivers. But honestly speaking, the drivers face worst treatments from the riders as well. There are certain things that would annoy the hell out of Uber drivers.

  • Sometimes, the riders do not give a 5-star rating to the drivers even if the service was exceptionally good. This would certainly disappoint the drivers and the rating that is below 4-star would eventually fire the drivers in near future.
  • Every Uber driver expects you to tip them, and it is not a sin either. It is definitely not going to cost you a limousine car, so learn to be generous guys. Who knows, it might even bring a million dollar smile to the sulking Uber driver’s face!
  • You would never want to keep your date waiting, and the same rule must be applied on every human soul! The worst thing that could irritate your driver is making him to wait longer. It is not going to harm your prestige if you let them know in advance that you are going to be a few minutes late.
  • It would frustrate a driver when you cancel the ride at the last minute, would it not annoy you if you were a driver? The company charges the customers with $10 if they cancel the ride just before the driver arrives at the spot. So fellows, make up your minds before you make a request on the app!
  • Do not be a rock punk when you are riding by an Uber taxi, not every driver would appreciate loud music. An exhausted driver would prefer a slow music or even no music at all. Always make sure you ask the drivers before you jam up the taxi with your favorite song.
  • No one likes it when someone messes up with their favorite gadgets. Always ask your driver’s permission before you start exploring his gadgets.
  • It is definitely going to annoy your driver when you spill your favorite food or beverages in the car. It is very important to maintain your etiquettes when you are a rider.

Uber now officially operates in Calgary

Uber, the ride sharing company is the most famous and used network in many countries across the globe. It is also planning to extend its service to many cities that only depend on the local taxi services. However, the critics say the company is the most overrated one in the last decade. People are still huge fans of Uber and the company is making crazy amount of money off its service.

Uber is now planning to launch the ride sharing service UberX in the Canadian city. UberX is 30 percent cheaper than local taxi services and it is also safer than the so called “deadly yellow cabs”. People of Calgary are pretty excited about the news and its great news for the city’s freelance drivers as well.

The service would boost up the economy in Calgary and provide job opportunities to people who are interested to make money off their spare time. It would even be a potential threat to its local contenders in the city. According to sources, UberX would completely take down the yellow cabs in the city in near future.

The city mayor has also stated the Uber drivers would be charged with fine up to $4,500 if they do not possess a valid license. The Mayor puts the city’s safety as top priority in the TO-DO list. How very sweet of him! Let us hope the ride sharing service UberX is a massive hit in Calgary and makes record breaking revenue.

Uber makes huge profit with business travelers

Uber, the most famous ride hailing service is all set to take down the traditional taxis. Despite being the startup company, Uber has now broken the record that was earlier made by Facebook by collecting $51 billion. Now, that’s called serious business! Many countries prefer Uber to any other services and it’s a huge shame to the traditional taxi drivers.

There are thousands of business travelers out there and Uber is now a massive hit with the corporate world. Many biz travelers now prefer Uber to other traditional taxis. The company has got 8 percent market share of business travelers and prioritizes the safety of its travelers. According to sources, the company has always made sure to offer cozy and comfortable rides to its users. The business travelers have made huge differences to Uber and the traditional taxis are the brutal victims.

Uber is also known for its infamous controversies around the world and it has been charged with allegations for illegal operation in many cities. But the company has implemented many features for people to restore its lost fame and has also been successful at it. In that way, it has implemented luxurious and comfortable rides for business travelers. It is catching up like fire in the corporate world and many loyal users of traditional taxis have now shifted over to Uber. Hope it does not spoil the game for the poor taxi drivers who still depend on the daily income to run their lives.